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Book Review: YASHEWE by S.D. McGuire



The shivers continue in Yashewe, Book 2 of S.D. McGuire’s Tombstone Shorts. Set in the late 1800’s, when US railway expansion was turning its sights on the unsettled West, it tells the tale of a hair-raising doomed expedition. With a clear, concise writing style, McGuire packs this book with detail and graphic horror. Some of the men on the train face apprehension at what they have been told is out in this wilderness, superstition and the real fear of Indian revenge for the white man intruding on his territory. Others, including the pompous owner, ignore the threats at their own risk.  In its short, 117 pages, McGuire  manages to give his characters, from the greedy train owner to the freeloading, but wise and insightful hobos, in-depth personality and characterization. His obvious knowledge of the history of the rails and Indian lore round out a very satisfying read. For this fan of all things horror, each bump in the tracks left me breathless with a feeling of dread for what was coming next and come it does. The surprise twist of a karmic ending was a stroke of genius on the part of the author.


This series promises to deliver more chills with the next three books and  although they are stand alone, I highly recommend reading Book 1, The Final Cut and this installment as the series moves forward.


Hold on to your hat and climb aboard this terror train, if you dare.

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