Review: Strategos Book 2: Rise of the Golden Heart by Gordon Doherty

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“Rise of The Golden Heart”, the second installment in Gordon Doherty ‘s Strategos trilogy delivers once again. Apion has now risen in the ranks to become the Strategos of Chaldia and his reputation as The Haga has spread throughout the lands. He is now one of the most feared among the Seljuk enemies. Once again, Doherty blends a well-researched history with a well written and enjoyable fictional plot. I sat back several times to take in his ability to make his characters fit into this historical period accurately, while I was still able to feel emotion for them, they are so well developed. I was further fascinated with the authors depiction of Constantinople, the seat of power, where Apion faces challenges even more difficult than the battles he has fought on the field. Still fighting the demons of his past, Apion, Maria, and Nazar’s story continues as a heart rending sub-plot. This book also introduces a cliffhanger twist (no spoilers).

I listened to the audiobook presentation narrated by Rob Goll, as with all his narrations he is able to portray these characters’ emotions while giving a well-paced and exciting rendering of action. Goll’s vocal interpretations are perfect for the characterization Doherty writes so well. I have moved on to Book 3 and was happy to see Rob is continuing his narration.

All formats of “Rise of The Golden Heart” can be found here:




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