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Audio Book Review: The Online Stage narration of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler

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The players of @online_stage have brought to life Hedda Gabler, Henrick Ibsen’s masterpiece of “realism”. I am not reviewing the work, because, well…what can I say that hasn’t been said.  The role of Hedda Gabler is now considered one of the premier dramatic roles in the theatre.  As for the performance, Anna Grace plays Hedda to perfection. Her perfect timing, ability to make us hear the sarcasm dripping from her voice all make us realize that for all her boredom in her new marriage to George Tesman (which leads to her desire to influence human destiny, with its tragic outcome),  she is at heart simply not a very moral woman. Rob Goll takes on the role of George Tesman, the scholar whose interests lie in research and scholarship, at the risk of ignoring his new wife. Goll plays this character brilliantly, with a bit of personality, giving him an added depth and interest that, I believe, is necessary to a listener who is not seeing the action in real life. Again perfect timing and delivery on Goll’s part as well. Peter Tucker is also exceptional as Eilert Lovborg, once an admirer of Hedda’s and now competition for Tesman in his pursuit of a teaching position, he played a man of complicated emotions, and even with knowing the outcome of the play, Tucker admirably foreshadowed the tragic consequences throughout his clever reading. The remainder of the players are equally wonderful in their portrayals. I highly recommend this classic, it is 2-1/2 hours of listening pleasure of a drama all lovers of the theatre should experience

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