Audio Book Review, Literary Free Verse

Audio Book Review: Justice, a Two Sons Diptych. Written by: Susan Ector Ward. Narrated by: Rob Goll


I initially chose to listen to Susan Ector Ward’s audiobook due to its being written as free verse literary fiction, a genre I am at this time writing. In wanting to see how it translated to audio I discovered a true gem. Two stories concerning fathers and sons explore the themes of justice, retribution, power, and guilt. The stories themselves are engaging and result in the listener’s deep contemplation. Although free verse is without constraints, the narration by Rob Goll is engaging and perfect for this genre. A classical actor, his ability to play these characters with emotion and bring the author’s use of imagery to light, as well as keeping up the proper speed and vocal technique to maintain the rhythm and flow, results in a superb performance/narration. At a little less than 2 hours listening time, it is well worth a listen, its themes will stay with you long after.

Available here:



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