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Book Review: The Reddening by Adam L.G. Neville



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We know Adam Neville can write. His novels have put him at the top of the list of modern horror writers.  With “The Ritual” he set the bar higher for all who write this genre. His newest book “The Reddening” is a tour de force of visceral horror that seals his place as the premier contemporary horror writer. 

In “The Reddening”, Neville weaves together the ancient folklore, myth and the beautiful Devon region of England with gruesome horror. The countryside of Devon, above ground, a haven for hikers, campers and the like. What lies beneath the surface, however, in the tunnels and ancient caves, is a primeval force of epic proportion. 

It is brilliant characterization (two strong female characters, something we don’t always find in horror), horrific ritual detail and the way he beautifully describes the novel’s setting that created such a disturbing atmosphere, the type of writing that takes horror over the top and makes it what so many forget it is… literature. 

The dilemma this reader faced, as someone who has studied and researched ancient religions, is an age old question. Yes, our ancestors performed sacrifices and rituals for their survival in a world they didn’t fully understand. What can we say of modern folk who discover these practices, and what affect will it have on the modern mind? Neville’s characters are changed by their exposure, and it is those changes which are the ultimate horror of this story.

I give this novel 5 brilliant, blood red stars. 

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