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Book Review: The Soulweb by Steven M Nedeau

(The Soulweb is Book One of the Soulweb Trilogy)


The Soulweb is epic high fantasy at its finest. Technically perfect, superior world building and rich characterization all round out an intricate, yet readable and enjoyable plot. The story line includes the reluctant “am I really a King?” character, battles written so superbly that you can hear the steel on steel. The banality of martial tactics and maneuvers does not appear here as Nadeau’s use of dialogue exchanged, balances nicely with characters’ inner dialogue, giving the reader a thorough understanding of what is being planned. There is a variety of characters: humans, dwarfs, mages, and a slew of horrifying creatures from the writer’s imagination. A prime example is Chapter 13, a meeting between the main character, Jaron and two undead knights builds to a dark and frightening level. 


World building is a challenge for any writer, but more so for this type of fantasy. High fantasy requires a writer to create an imaginary setting, yet it must also contain  a history, geography and a population as such. All written consistently and accurately. Nedeau’s writing, in this reviewer’s opinion, is on par with and in some cases superior to some others I have read including Terry Goodkind and Patrick Rothfuss. If you have read their work, you will find The Soulweb a very satisfying read as well.


In the world of Indie authors, we sometimes find a gem. This is one, and a work that should be considered among the classics  in contemporary fantasy. The Soulweb is part of a trilogy and this reader is looking forward to more. 





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