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Review: Born of Chaos by Jeff DeMarco

Review: Jeff DeMarco

               Born of Chaos

               Ruler of Ashes Book 2

               Published by Indies United Publishing House

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The post-apocalyptic  thrills continue.

Great writing and a cinematic feel continue in this second book of DeMarco’s Ruler of Ashes series. The earth has been laid to waste after the release of Crimson Sky, humans have become monsters and the Children of the Order are scattered. Born of Chaos continues where Into Armageddon left off.

The military, the genetically manipulated super-powered children, and the Order, the agency which engineered and created the tools of devastation, are locked in a battle to salvage what is left. Loyalties shift in this book and the author now fully develops the character and personalities of the Children, an intriguing development as these characters could have easily reverted to the stereotypes so often seen in this type of novel. DeMarco is able to successfully lift them up. Brutal scientific experiments, torture (although some of it implied), deranged scientists, and the psychotic are all balanced out by some brilliant, insightful writing.

A quote from pg 78 stunned this reader with its expressiveness:

“He felt a weight lift off his shoulders with each passing step, but a deep, ugly, rotten sore underneath the yoke he had bared. In time and with ample antiseptic of humility and penance, he hoped the sore would eventually heal. Even if the end result was an ugly scar.”

This quote also sums up  the challenge of renewal for the devastated world.

An added plus for this reader was the introduction of a primeval horror, that presents a bit of a prequel, deepening further the reader’s understanding and adding a wonderful new layer to the plot.

Four words at the end, left this reader with hope and a curiosity as to where DeMarco will be taking this well-written  military sci-fi thriller series.








Born of Chaos: A Post-Apocalyptic Military Science Fiction Thriller (Ruler of… via @amazon


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