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Book Review: The Deermaster, A Christmas Novella, by Christina van Deventer

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Sitting next to my Yule tree, the lights shining a brilliant snowy white, cinnamon from my hot chocolate wafting through the cold breeze from a window left just slightly ajar. A copy of The Deermaster is sitting on the table waiting for me to read, and it feels like the perfect time.

And it is, as I actually lose track of time, for this little book, this Christmas novella, has instantly transported me to a magical world. The world of Snow Falls, where all the mythology and folk tales we were told as children come alive. This story of the why and wherefore of Santa’s Christmas Eve journey is different from what we may have heard, but who as a child could ever figure out how Santa Claus did what he did. I know I pondered its mystery.

There is so much more to the story, and it is a story for this time of year. The themes of family, friends, loyalty, and love shine through the drama which unfolds. The magic of the tale was not just in the reading, for just a moment I looked up again at my twinkling tree and remembered what it felt like to be that wondering child on Christmas Eve.

A 5-Star review for a magical Christmas tale with engaging characters and a flawlessly written plot which pulled this reader into another world.





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