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BOOK REVIEW-“Into Armageddon”

Into Armageddon

by Jeff DeMarco

In the initial pages of DeMarco’s novel, the question is asked: “What if you were offered the chance to make the world right again?” This question resonated with me immediately, made me step back and think of all the events going on in the world right now, and wonder….
Within the pages of this well-written dystopian, apocalyptic, thought provoking, novel, we find a scenario that takes the true meaning of the word Armageddon (the final battle that will lead to destruction and finally renewal?) and turns the premise into a fast- paced, exciting, cinematic read. Filled with government conspiracies, genetically altered children (yes, a wonderful, techie “Children of the Damned), military science, it is balanced by characters both good and bad who must justify their actions based not only on how they might save the world, but how they can protect and save their families and the people they love. These characters are well-developed and although this genre doesn’t always focus on female characters, DeMarco fully develops them as well, their strength and intelligence is central to the plot.
This book will keep you riveted to the end and then will leave you with the words “to be continued”, this battle is not over, and I look forward to the next installment in this Ruler of Ashes series. In the meantime, I can only continue to contemplate: how far would I go to change the world?

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