Happy Anniversary ‘Jane Two’

Two years ago on this date, Jane Two, Sean Patricks Flanery’s coming of age novel was released. At the time I knew him as the actor in one of my favorite movies, Boondock Saints. Little did I know that day, this little book he wrote, would become not only one of my favorite books, but an inspiration in my own writing.

Coming of age novels are unique. Lots of internal dialogue, a little less in the action department sometimes than other books. Life changes for the protagonist as they look back on the past. Love, friendships, challenges in physical and mental changes, all add up to a genre that makes the reader reminisce as well.

Two of the best known novels of this type would have to be Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and Knowles’ A Separate Peace. I remember reading A Separate Peace in homeroom and being sent home afterwards because I couldn’t stop crying. These novel are the type of writing that touches our emotions with its familiar themes, familiar to us as we too lived through them.

Jane Two, what a wonderful book. My first copy is threadbare and the pages worn. I have  a paperback back-up copy that I pick up and read once in a while. How is it different from others? Simply full of inspiration and Granddaddy’s plain old down to earth wisdom.

One of his best: “Never, EVER, let me see you stop before the miracle.”

It’s Mickey’s love for Jane though, that shines. One of my favorite book quotes is his line, as Jane jumps on her trampoline and he can only catch a glimpse of her…

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 7.54.34 AM

I have a bone to pick with gravity…

Pick this one up when you can, I guarantee that for the couple hours it takes to read, you will not put it down.





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