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To E or not to E

Question: Why isn’t your book available as an e book?

Me:          I wrote a book, not a file.


I didn’t think it would be an issue with a poetry book, but…

I don’t read e-books, I have been an outspoken critic over the years. I even had a conversation turn bad with one of my favorite authors when he self-published a book, only as an e-book, no hardcover/paperback format. I stopped reading a series I loved due to my own stubbornness. I cited all the criticisms, e-books are hard to read, cumbersome to have in my lap, I can’t put it in my overflowing bookshelf, and my number one reason why I would not read an e-book? I can’t use a bookmark. Most of those issues have been eliminated now, with new devices and Kindle improvements, but when I published my poetry book, I only published the paperback and intentionally skipped the e-book process. The questions began. I tried to hold out, I really did. I talked to my friends about how bad I would feel if I sold out. One, an avid reader of both print and e-books, said I should not let my words go unread on principle, and he is right. So, I am somewhat happy to announce that my debut poetry collection, Love in three aspects ~ a Poetic Interpretation, is now available in paperback and kindle formats. *sigh*  If you enjoy the poetry you have seen here, thank you. I have put a link to book on Amazon if you would like to read more… via @amazon



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