Writers Life

Witches and cats and murids, oh my…

Cam: Why don’t you write animals into your novels?

(Watches as my beautiful Persian cat tilts her head awaiting my reply.)

Me: I guess I never thought about it. Would it improve my stories?

Cam: Everything is better with animals.

(Watches as my traitor of a Persian cat jumps into his lap)

Me: I write about magic and horror, maybe I’m afraid they (staring at the cat) won’t scuttle away fast enough to avoid danger.

(Her golden eyes glare at me)

Cam: Rats, you could put rats in your stories, they seem to frequent your type of book.

Me: Not always.

(He raises his eyebrows in question)

Me: Mickey Mouse is a rat.

Cam: (looking somewhat shocked) Mickey Mouse is a mouse, for goodness sake.

Me: Mouse or rat, they’re all Murids.

Cam: Murids?

Me: Okay, rodents.

Cam: You just happen to know the technical term for rodents?

Me: I’m a writer, I know things.

Cam: You write about witches, witches like cats.

Me: So far I’ve written about sorcerers, Russian sorcerers. Not sure they like cats.

Cam: I can see it, a big fluffy Siberian cat named Vladimir; that would work.

Me: Careful, Cam, that’s a hot name right now.

Cam: Boris then or Donald.

(I shake my head)

Cam: You should write about genies, a genie would love a beautiful Persian cat for its animal familiar.

(My cat rubs her face against his cheek)

Me: You’re  familiar with the term ‘familiar’?

Cam: My girlfriend writes scary stories, I know things.

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