Writers Life

You googled that?


Cam: Are we getting a dog?

(I watch as my diva Persian cat gives me the stink eye)

Me: No, why?

Cam: I see you googled “Do dogs have ear wax?”

Me: Like that is the first question I would ask if we were getting a dog?

(He shrugs)

Me: I’m a writer, I google weird things.

Well, that may not have been the weirdest. Let’s consider Urinotherapy- yes, it is what it sounds like. Another one that would give someone the chills if they found it in my browser: Should you freeze a severed finger before re-attachment? I have googled Louie, Louie lyrics a few times, they never change, I guess I hope at some point they will.

A search that showed up on a blog as the best searches for 2016, was What will happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other?  Now that is a question for the ages.  I don’t usually google to find out the outcome of a situation, I’m more inclined to look for information, but I suppose some might use the mighty search engine as a virtual Nostradamus.

My all-time favorite Google seach, again from a favorites site, is I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would have been like to be a dinosaur. Was the seeker looking for Google to validate their behavior? Not sure, but 13,400 results came up.

Writers, I suppose, before the Internet and search engines, had to seek out professionals to answer some of the questions that turn up in our writing. I’m sure for fantasy and horror authors that might have been touchy. Where would one have looked up a local coven for witchcraft info, not the phone book. A writer’s life has been made easier, I guess.

Now, let’s take the actual word googled, to google. It is a word, there was even some debate as to whether it should be capitalized. Merriam-Webster solved that by saying the verb google should be lower case, but when referring to the service, Google should be capped. For a long time I tried to avoid using the word google, to google, googled, but I figured if Merriam-Webster was okay with it who am I to judge?

Incognito is a handy tool if you want to keep your searches hidden, but usually in the mad rush to write I forget to turn it on. Hence, my boyfriend’s curiosity.

Cam: So, do dogs have ear wax?

(My diva Persian cat stopped grooming and looked up at me with her golden eyes)

Me: Google it, dear.



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