What? You Mean My Novel Isn’t The Only One You’re Working On?

From idea to publish…patience…patience…patience.

Four years ago, a germ of an idea became character boards and plot outlines complete with pins and string. My writing area looked like Strategic Air Command. When I sat down at my computer and opened up that MS Word blank document, none of that mattered. The characters took over, the story developed I enjoyed hours of the best part of writing a novel…writing.

When I came to that treacherous “that” word, or the pesky “passive voice”, I stopped and noticed, but didn’t fix, just continued writing, just like the pros say to do. I cried at my last line and then cried again when I realized how much needed to be edited, but the final product was eventually ready to be set loose upon the world of publishing.

Then came the waiting. Sending the manuscript out. Waiting for someone to read (checking Submittable every hour). The strange mixture of elation/dread when an email came in. Two before one that said they were interested.

More waiting as the Publisher’s readers went into action. Accepted with changes. More editing. More readers reading until finally came the welcomed words, “contract pending”. Pending? Now what? Changes were made to the manuscript and yet another reader needed to read. Then finally, all good, RFC (Request for Contract) was put through.

More waiting….

Contract came, signed and delivered…

More waiting…

Wait a minute, how long does this take?

Calm down, more edits will be coming your way.

More edits? How long does this take…really?

A gentle reminder that there are other books being published, editors have a lot of duties.

Wait? My book isn’t the only one you’re publishing and working on? (Naive me LOL) What do I do in the meantime?

We’ve all heard it, I know. Keep writing. Write the next book. And I did. I took the initiative that I had been wanting to take and tried my hand at self-publishing a book of poetry. I was told so many times to keep writing that I did the poetry book and finished the first draft of a new novel.

Now, finally, pre-galley proofs done and sent to copy editor. Still some waiting, but the end is in sight and what I only dreamed about 4 years ago is becoming a reality.

So, the message, nothing worth the effort is ever easy. The writing is the easiest part, but truthfully, without all those edits and all that work, my writing would not shine as brightly as it does now.

So be patient, publishers know what they are doing, and don’t forget…


Note: My debut poetry book, Love ~ in three aspects is available worldwide on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1985200120/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_E-MPAbZXMTWDX via @amazon

(Note: For now, I write books, not files, so not available on Kindle format, but that’s a blog for another day.)


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